• 07h30 - 12h30
  • School closes for all state school holidays


  • A smoke free environment policy has been implemented

  • and HIV/AIDS policy is in place.


Our premises are safe and secure with authorised
access into the school and a security guard on duty
outside daily. Our garden is secured by a boundary
wall and we have eagle turf grass in all gardens.


Aftercare is available on the school premises at an addi-
tional cost. * 12h15 - 17h15 (or part thereof).
Holiday care is also available during most holidays.

Extra-mural activities (from 12h30) include:

  • Pottery
  • Ballet
  • Busy Ballers
  • Sticky Fingers (baking)
  • Karate
  • Communication and Drama
  • Madressa (Muslim lessons)
  • Swimming School (not on our property, but
    collected twice a week)
  • Soccer


Fee structure is available on request.

Dress Code

Joyce Broadhead T-Shirt, shorts or pinafore dresses
or suitable, easily managed tracksuits
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